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Voice Demos

* = written by me

Just a few of the many characters lurking inside me.  (2, 3, 6, 8) *

"Maggie Utterthwaite" (from Yorkshire) tells of an interesting evening she had. 

I voiced 4 characters in "You Still Can't Do That on Television". Here's one scene, in which I played 3 of them at once!

I voiced 31 characters on 12 episodes of the children's TV show, "Mighty Machines".  Here are 14 of them.  For a complete list, click here:  Mighty Machines

from "The Polygram Story"

Alice in Wonderland meets the Caterpillar

A character monologue demonstrating questionable customer service skills.

Imagine being a telemarketer and hearing this... *

A very intense and disturbing monologue. *

A bedtime story for nasty children, recorded with laryngitis. *

A tragic tale of an innocent English girl's misadventure, written by my aunt.

* = written by me

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