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Greetings from Patte (with a silent e)!


I'm a veritable vocal chameleon and very versatile character actress,

with a 3-octave voice and a huge range of dialects.


Plus, I sing, do impressions, and mimic animals. 


I can even voice multiple characters in a single scene, switching between them as I go.  It's fun for me, and economical for you!


I've narrated 11 very steamy audiobooks for Silver Publishing...

and played 31 characters on the children's TV show, "Mighty Machines". 



I'm a writer too.  


I wrote & voiced the radio spots for the Toronto production of "Forever Plaid", and I've written comedy sketches, a couple of film scripts, and some deliciously awful poetry.



On top of all that, I have a private collection of over 420 tiaras (as of Dec. 1, 2023), most of which are replicas of royal and historical tiaras, and I made all of the costumes you see in the photos!

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